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What we offer to local LA Artists and Businesses

A. 500/mo | 3 Photoshoots (5 social media videos, 90 pictures)

B. 400/mo | 2 Photoshoots (4 social media videos, 60 pictures)

C. 200/mo | 1 Photoshoot (2 social media videos, 40 pictures) 

D. 100/mo | 1 Photoshoot (1 social media video, 20 pictures) 

E. Custom | Professional Social Media Management and Content Creation for your Brand

*Flexible scheduling. Simple, honest, quality content to elevate your brand.


Video Ideas: brand, testimonial, interview, product introduction, service introduction, music recording, event promo, about the owner, about the company, why work with us?, on-the-job, employee headshots, location photography, scenic photography, company culture, company philosophy, get-to-know the team, and much more. 

We'll create a custom layout together for content specific to you and reach out at the end of each month to book. Our content will work towards the goal of gaining you new business and reaching a wider audience through your website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

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